Taster Membership

The NMTF is offering market organisers the chance to provide new traders with Taster Membership.

We want to be able to support start-ups to test the market – combined with a package of incentives, Taster Membership is a winning ticket!

As of 3 October 2017, the NMTF will not be accepting applications from market operators to purchase a new or renewal package of Taster Membership.
The scheme is being evaluated to ensure that it is meeting its original objectives. Questions? Please contact the Projects Department.
Taster Membership is only for market organisers to be used as part of a package of incentives to support new traders. If you are a market or street trader, events retailer or mobile caterer, please click here.

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We are well aware that there are many start-up businesses out there willing to give markets a go. But for many, cash is tight in the beginning – they aren’t able to pay to become a fully-fledged member in their own right (yet).

This is what Taster Membership is for. Effectively, it’s daily NMTF membership, granting access to specified benefits on days allocated in advance by the market organiser. Clearly, terms and conditions apply.

Taster Membership includes:
Advice and guidance on any small business matter
Public, product and employer’s liability protection
Access to special deals from select suppliers

Regular Markets
(Daily or weekly markets)
£250 for 125 days
Max. 10 days per trader

Non-Regular Markets
(Monthly markets)
£120 for 60 days
Max. 3 days per trader

If you have any questions about Taster Membership, please contact the Projects Department on 01226 749 021 or projects@nmtf.co.uk.

Note we reserve the right to refuse access to the service if it’s not be used for the intended purpose: supporting start-ups to test the market.

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