Traders — forget insurance companies — join the NMTF for all its benefits and get your liabilities cover FREE!

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Single/Sole Trader Membership: £140.00

Dual Membership (two persons in partnership) £210.00

Triple Membership (three persons in partnership) £280.00

Quadruple Membership (four persons in partnership) £350.00

The NMTF is a trade association for market and street traders, events retailers and mobile caterers in the UK. Anyone over 16 who is a permanent UK resident can join the NMTF.

Membership includes cover for public, product and employer’s liability claims, which is underwritten by the Aviva Insurance Group and has a limit not of £1 million or £5 million but of £10 million, often demanded these days by events operators.

There is no excess and the cover is valid on any number of days, on any number of stalls, on any market, festival, fair, show and/or street trading pitch, anywhere in the UK or the EU.


Main Member Details