Business Support Guides

The NMTF has developed two business support guides to enable our members to stay on top of their game: NMTF First and NMTF 400. ‘First’ is for start-ups and ‘400’ is for business owners with a few years under their belt. We think both are gold dust.

We’re not in the business of teaching grandma to suck eggs. We know our members know their stuff. Our business support guides were made with traders for traders. They’re crammed with hints and tips that will help you to see your business with a fresh pair of eyes.

Let’s get costs out of the way. For NMTF members, ‘First’ and ‘400’ are £10 each. For 150+ pages of cracking material, that’s a bargain. Not an NMTF member? ‘First’ and ‘400’ are £100 each. Discounts are available for bulk-buys. NABMA members get a discount.

Bonus! Are you an NMTF member? You can try before you buy. Log into the NMTF Members Area to read our business support guides for free. Click here.

We want to support our members to run successful, profitable businesses. Whether you are a market or street trader, events retailer or mobile caterer – we think our guides will be useful to you.

Click the tabs below for more information. To get yourself a copy, contact the Membership Department on 01226 749 021 or and they will be happy to help you.

NMTF 400 is split up into a series of sections, which enables traders to step back, pick out and critically evaluate parts of their business from a customers’ perspective.

The guide demonstrates how, often with very little effort and expense, their stall can be transformed to attract more customers and make more sales.

All aspects of running a business are covered, from looking at product choice and stall presentation to the use of appropriate signage and stand-out customer service.

NMTF First is split up into a series of sections, which enables you to get to grips with a range of topics that need to be considered when launching a business on markets, festivals or fairs.

It was created in consultation with over 100 NMTF members, ensuring that the guide contains real, practical advice that you can use to establish their businesses.

All aspects of launching a business are covered, from writing a business plan and forecasting budgets to marketing tips on pricing, presentation and sales promotions.

Don’t forget, on top of this – NMTF members can contact the support team for advice and guidance on any small business matter. So if you have a specific request or want to go a little further into a topic, just ask us.