It’s here — the NMTF’s completely free online Spring Into Markets guide!

Spring Into Markets

THE COVID-19 pandemic has prompted the NMTF to produce an all-new guide to retail market trading that is aimed squarely at mature people who are looking for new livelihoods.

The fully interactive Spring Into Markets is available now completely free to view and use.

NMTF CEO Joe Harrison said: “This comprehensive guide has been born out of the crisis we have all been through in 2020, and is meant as practical encouragement to think about trading on markets as a living.”

He said that for a number of years the NMTF had nurtured many young traders from starting on markets to growing their businesses.

“Our latest project is the Young Traders Market for 16 to 30-year-olds who have an idea to sell,” he added. “Culminating in a national final it has worked extremely well — even in the difficulties of last year — but we see no reason why older people cannot spread their wings by springing into markets.”

The guide is not exclusively for new traders, since the help and advice it contains will also benefit those who are already well established.

But for those interested in becoming a trader it describes how a business can be built up gradually, and about the flexibility of being able to work different markets on different days.

The guide also outlines how market trading can help develop business skills and stresses the importance of communication skills and building a network of customers.

In total there are 15 topics spread over more than 100 pages, covering all manner of subjects ranging from starting up to monitoring performance.

Each section is linked to assessment modules which can be downloaded and completed at the trader’s own pace.

Joe Harrison said the NMTF felt the time was right to mount a strong campaign to get more traders into the industry.

“It’s painful, but it has to be acknowledged that many thousands of people will have lost their jobs because of the COVID-19 crisis,” he said.

“But there will be redundancy payments and so on out there — and market trading is a lean way to start a business.”

Aimed squarely at more mature people who want to become market traders — but it’s comprehensive advice is good for any age, young or long-established

Because the guide is constantly under review and subject to modification it can only be viewed online and cannot be downloaded. The exercises can be downloaded/printed.