Online marketplace ShopAppy launches new home delivery
service for markets and other small businesses

Free registration until at least end of July

Until recent weeks, many markets and high street businesses may have felt they did not need to sell online or consider delivering direct to their customers, relying instead on loyal customers and local footfall.

But the current COVID-19 crisis has meant it is vital for small businesses to now have both an online presence and a delivery service, to continue reaching and selling to customers. Yet for many businesses that are faced with starting this from scratch, it could be a lengthy and expensive process to set up.

Responding to the exceptional challenges currently facing UK small business-owners and market traders,, the Yorkshire- based online platform connecting local markets, shops and businesses to consumers, has teamed up with Visa to expand its offering is and provide more small businesses with the immediate help they need in order to adapt.

One of the businesses signed up to is Choc Moose of Todmorden Market in West Yorkshire where Clare Pattison (pictured) has been running the shop for the past two years. She rallied her fellow traders to join in and collectively the businesses have gained hundreds of orders in the first weeks of operating the scheme. Clare’s traditional sweet shop has been in Todmorden’s Victorian Market Hall for over 70 years and was a family run business across three generations. Maintaining the sense of community, nostalgia and tradition from the previous business, Clare has added new products whilst retaining the Victorian market tradition of selling old-fashioned sweets, pick & mix, home baked biscuits and even penny trays.

Choc Moose has been on the ShopAppy website for five weeks ensuring the community stays connected to its market. During a time where things have changed so quickly due to COVID-19, was a no brainer for Clare as her account was created within a week and she didn’t have to worry about the time it would take to set up her own payment system.

This was a great opportunity for Choc Moose to expand the business and make its name recognisable amongst a wider customer base, as well as providing opportunities to collaborate with other local companies.

The platform is enabling the market to stay connected to its customers as well as reaching out to new areas where new customers are calling on the range of traders in the market to supply them with sweets, treats and daily essentials.

The Todmorden ShopAppy initiative was featured on BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours consumer programme and has gained local media attention for its efforts. Clare has described the results of their work as “phenomenal and although most of the traders had not traded online before they have adapted and Shopappy has been a lifeline when a large majority of our regular customers could no longer come to us”.
Barnsley Market, having been on ShopAppy for a couple of years, were the first to switch on delivery. Traders started getting orders immediately as people chose to support local from the safety of their own homes.
Founder & CEO of, Dr Jackie Mulligan, said: “It’s been a devastating month for local businesses on our high streets and markets, but I have been heartened to see the new appreciation for these local small businesses and to see that their fighting spirit remains as strong as ever. On ShopAppy, we have seen a record increase in the number of orders, visitors, users and businesses joining the platform and the variety of goods on offer is growing all the time. “, is offering small businesses free registration until at least 31st July 2020, as well as the new delivery service so that businesses can have their goods delivered straight to people’s homes. The offer will enable more small businesses to get their business online so they can continue reaching customers even in these uncertain times.
The expansion of is welcome news for small businesses, allowing for a greater number of shops and markets to sign up to the platform and for more communities to show support for their favourite local businesses — support that is needed now more than ever.
High street businesses and local markets can register to join or find out more about the platform’s new offering by visiting