Social distancing on outdoor markets — looks good in Selby

AS AN INCREASING number of outdoor markets selling every type of goods began to open from today (Monday June 8) the shoppers were out on Selby’s first event since lockdown.

Whilst there was some initial criticism that the once weekly market did not open when it could, a week before, no one could deny that the proper measures had been taken to comply with guidelines.

One way system in Selby seems to be working

It had a simple one-way system, clearly marked, and to allow more space for social distancing two businesses were trading on the old traditional Market Place rather than its regular location near Selby Abbey.

On the market’s Facebook page market manager Emma Rogers said: “With a new layout and social distancing rules being followed we are confident we will be able to reopen safely and help support our loyal traders, which we understand have had a difficult few weeks. We are also delighted to be able to provide our residents with all local foods and goodies they love.”

She appealed to shoppers to observe social distancing and most of them appeared to be doing just that.

Of course not all outdoor markets have reopened since it is up to the operators — mostly local authorities — to decide when.

Many are expected to come back to life when the whole of retail is allowed to open from Monday June 15.