New advice from Government on local authority discretionary fund — self-employed can now apply and clarification (June 15)

CLARIFICATION from the Government — questions and answers

Can market traders that operate in more than one Local Authority apply to grants from both?
It is up to Local Authorities to assess what is reasonable in the circumstances depending on the business’s fixed costs. The guidance does not exclude a business receiving grants from more than one local authority.


Does the Government consider annual pitch fees and storage costs to be ‘fixed property costs’ for market traders?
Yes, pitch fees and storage costs would count as fixed property costs.


What will be done if the Local Authority where the trader is resident decides not to pay grants to regular market traders?
It is up to Local Authorities to decide how to structure and prioritise their grant funding. There will be no penalty for Local Authorities based on this prioritisation. They must publish details of how their scheme will work.


TODAY (Saturday May 23) the Government announced a change to the Local Authority Discretionary Fund to make  businesses eligible for the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS) also eligible to apply for the scheme.
If you did apply to your local authority for money from the discretionary fund but was rejected because you had qualified for the self-employed scheme you should now reapply.
Whether or not you have applied the process is not simple. The application process varies from local authority to local authority so you must ask your local council how to do it. Irrespective of where you trade you should be making your application to the local authority where you live.
To view Government guidance on eligibility and how to apply click here.