National Youth Market

The National Youth Market celebrates young entrepreneurs trading on our nation’s markets, festivals and fairs. 2017’s event took place on 1-2 September on King Street, Manchester #NYM17

Young people aged 16 to 30 from all over the UK traded on Friday, 1 and Saturday, 2 September, on King Street, Manchester. Our thanks to all of those who came to support the next generation of market traders! #NYM17

2017’s National Youth Market award winners: (L-R) Lauran Trussler, 25, Signature Print Design; Abby Dank, 30, That Charming Shop; Rose Dyson, 17, Pura Cosmetics; Charlotte Kleban, 26, from Hand Drawn World; and Abbie Allert, 26, Mamma Made It.

Young Trader of the Year: Rose Dyson, 17, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, runs Pura Cosmetics. She is an extremely determined entrepreneur. Rose’s lipcare products are natural, vegan-friendly and not tested on animals. She trades online and on markets in Barnsley, Doncaster and Leeds. She was Barnsley Council’s “Market Champion.” Truly pout-pleasing!

Highly Commended
Charlotte Kleban, 26, Ashton-under-Lyne
Hand Drawn World

Highly Commended
Abby Dank, 30, Winchester
That Charming Shop

Highly Commended
Lauran Trussler, 25, Barnsley
Signature Print Design

Highly Commended
Abbie Allert, 26, Barnsley
Mamma Made It

Who else traded on 2017’s National Youth Market? Click the regions below to find out!

Charlotte Kleban, Hand Drawn World, Ashton under Lyne

Mehtaab Waseem, Taabi’s Treats, Bolton

Stefanie Szafranski, The Sugar Kitchen, Bury

Fidel Peacock, Peacock & Juno, Manchester

Grant Lopo, Granted Cakes, Manchester

Scarlett Tyrrell, Patisserie Reine, Manchester

Polly Fletcher, Pog Handmade, Salford *Market Champion for Kirklees*

Helen Nesta, The Mad Hatter’s Tea Room, Southport Market

Beth Forrester, Be Manc, Stockport

Jess Brett, Bizzy-Beadz, Stockport

Rebecca Hopley, Cakes by Rebecca, Stockport

David McDonald, Geordie Banger Company, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Abbie Allert, Mamma Made It, Barnsley

Lauran Trussler, Signature Print Design, Barnsley

Rose Dyson, Pura Cosmetics, Barnsley

Sian Fall, Sweetie Fall, Barnsley

Emily Kitchen, Em & J’s Candle Craft and Quest, Rotherham

*All are Market Champions for Barnsley*

Thomas Allen, The Cocoa Caravan, Bilston

Charlotte Turner-Yorke, Charlotte’s Eggs, Nottingham

Abby Dank, That Charming Shop, Winchester *Market Champion for Chichester*

Lauren Youngs and Manon Teychenne-Simoes, Candy Warhol, London *Market Champion for Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea*

Demi Tasker, Cake Magic, Stevenage

The National Youth Market is an annual event run by the NMTF in partnership with Manchester Markets.

Are you young person interested in market trading? Or a market organiser interested in holding a youth event?

Get in touch! Contact the Projects Department at the NMTF on 01226 749 021 or

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