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  market was Microfoods, a family business specialising in microgreens.
Thierry Spagnou, who started growing microgreens as a hobby 18 months ago, decided to turn it into a business following encouragement from family and friends.
On his first market day he was selling edible vegetable and herb seedlings, such as white mustard, pea and broccoli microgreens.
His microgreens, which typically contain 40 times more nutrients than the mature plant, are grown locally in Strand-on-the-Green near Kew.
Ollie said that the new market had attracted a lot of plant specialists like Thierry and the aim was to build on the new-found love of gardening and to encourage people to buy more English cut flowers.
“We have been able to call on a lot of skills and enthusiasm which helped us to create great publicity for the new venture including PR, marketing and a lot of social media,” Ollie said.
Everyone’s best efforts culminated in a hugely successful launch market.
“I was a little apprehensive before but the first
market was amazing. We think that a specialist, dedicated market works best here rather than a general market. One thing we are all keen to talk about is how markets can revitalise our high streets.
“We found that bringing internet retailers into markets worked for everyone. It brought them access to real people and brought us their internet followers.
“The local shops traded very well indeed so we have some happy people in W4,” he added.

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