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38 MARKET TIMES • OCTOBER 2020 Welcome to Finance for
THE business landscape is, as ever, challenging and changing. The outlook may seem unpredictable, but some of these challenges need not be so insurmountable as perceived — and this includes raising finance.
Whether you are a seasoned business owner or starting out, the important component will be how the business will be funded, its financial viability as a going concern, and ultimately long-term success.
At whatever stage of the journey you are — from start-up to scale-up or shake-up, diversification, divestment, acquisition and growth, refinancing — the list goes on, you know that. How you can finance your business is key to how you can manage, grow, preserve and retain your business.
The human and economic impact of COVID-19, and the difficulties it is causing in all walks of life as
we know it, are unprecedented and may endure for some time. New and innovative ways of embracing these new challenges within the working and business environments are emerging, and will continually be called for, for at least the immediate future, if we are to overcome the difficulties.
The UK Government’s recent extension of the emergency Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) along with other appropriate loan schemes is to be lauded and will be hugely welcomed by many businesses. The scheme is generous and wide- ranging, however, there will be many businesses, especially small enterprises, that will be unable to access the scheme due to the financial profile of their business prior to the impact of this pandemic.
Working in conjunction with
Alternative Business Funding
(ABF), the British Business Bank designated finance platform and their Funder Finder engine we at Finance For Entrepreneurs aim to help find a solution that is right for you — one that will, hopefully, open up more opportunities for raising finance for your business, than could be possibly imagined.
Finance for Entrepreneurs powered by Funder Finder provides a free and easy way for SMEs to research and find finance for their business. The unique Funder Finder engine uses straightforward information to match SMEs with an impressive selection of funders within minutes, offering access to a broad range of funding products across the UK.
ABF is approved by HM Treasury and the British Business Bank as one of three designated platforms for the Bank Referral Scheme. In addition, if you feel that it would be beneficial to speak with a specialist
commercial finance broker and seek some initial advice, we can facilitate this too, by directing you to your locally based adviser.
If you follow the links through to the Finance for Entrepreneurs Funder Finder page there are three simple steps for your funding journey:
Search — Provide some basic information about your business and requirements by answering some simple questions
Match — The Funder Finder engine matches your business with the most suitable funders and the most appropriate products
Select — Choose which funders you would like to engage with or let the experienced service team choose on your behalf

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