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   Ros Powdrell sells her hand-made silver jewellery on the market
   Abdul Salam has a large stall on the market selling fashionable women’s clothing
Anne Marshall has a hair braid stall and also sells hand painted stones
Abbey, which means they pass the market. Penny said: “Summer is always busy for
the market and its traders.”
The town stages a number of events and
festivals, mainly in autumn and in the run- up to Christmas, which keeps the town thriving.
Among the most unusual is The Krampus Run, a massively popular alternative Christmas event held in December which involves people dressing up in ghoulish costumes to accompany Krampus, a legendary, fearsome, horned creature who accompanies St Nicolas and punishes naughty children.
It’s all in a good cause and raises much needed money for charity.
Penny says the programme of events keeps the market going, and a new initiative, a Thursday artisan market, has got off to a good start, she added.
“We used to have a farmers’ market on a Thursday for about 20 years, but the operator was considering retiring and the
market didn’t return after lockdown,” she said.
Penny thought an artisan market would be a good replacement, and the new market is doing well.
Developments for the future include a proposal to bring the town hall above the market back into use, possibly as an art gallery or a museum.
The council has applied for a grant for the refurbishment of the Grade II listed building and an architect has been asked to take a look at it.
Any redevelopment will enhance the market, perhaps making the area beneath the town hall more comfortable for traders in winter, Penny said.
This hasn’t been an easy year for Whitby’s market traders, but they have benefited from the staycationers, and the market has so much character it is in a strong position to weather the winter and bounce back once the COVID-19 crisis eases.
l Market Day: Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. There is a new artisan market every Thursday
l Market Rent: £16 every day except Sunday when rent is £26 a day
l Whitby’s claim to fame: Famous as the town which inspired the creation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, who mythically inhabited a stone coffin in the ruins of Whitby Abbey, the seaside town on the east coast of Yorkshire began life as a fishing port. It was also a centre for shipbuilding. Captain James Cook learned his seamanship in the town before becoming the first European to set eyes on Australia. In Victorian times it emerged as a popular spa and seaside resort and the place to buy jewellery made from Whitby Jet, which is mined locally.

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