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 LSD — 30 years of highs (and a few lows) on markets in the Midlands By NICOLA GOULD
Linda’s family from many years ago when they were well-known fruit and veg traders
LOTS of traders like a moan — but when it comes to LSD Promotions, a private operator running a string of markets across the Midlands, the vast majority of traders are generous in their praise of the operator that recently celebrated 30 years in the business.
There are plenty of LSD “groupies” who stand only their markets. And a company philosophy that puts traders first and treats everyone with respect seems to have silenced any moaning minnies.
LSD is run by husband and wife team Dermot and Linda McGillicuddy, who work with a close-knit team based in Stourbridge and steeped in the LSD way of doing things.
The company has a fascinating history. Linda was born Linda Evans from a well-known family of fruit and veg traders who used to dominate the markets in West Bromwich.
Linda’s grandfather started the business selling fruit and veg from a horse and cart. Her parents, Alan and Val, encouraged their two children, Linda and Steve, to work on the stall on Saturdays and in school holidays, and Steve followed them into market trading.
But Linda took a very different path. She became secretary to four successive managers of

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