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    Karen Chaplin, who has been selling plants and bulbs on the market for the past 14 years, used to be a lecturer in complementary medicine
Many of the new traders are arty, craft gift-style stalls, but the stalwarts and core food businesses keep it anchored in tradition.
Long serving traders include Sarah Cutter who runs the fruit and veg stall, popular fishmonger Nathan Lusted and plants and bulbs seller Karen Chaplin.
Sarah has done a milk round in the area for four years and started selling fruit and veg on the market more recently. When COVID-19 struck she was able to combine delivering milk with supplying fruit and veg and other produce.
“Our business actually went up during lockdown,” she said.
Nathan also does well on the market. “The people here are really loyal customers and footfall has definitely gone up since July.”
Karen Chaplin, who has been selling plants and bulbs on the market for 14 years, gained her interest in plants and herbs through complementary medicine which she used to lecture in.
She said: “When I first started it was very busy and that gradually fell away. But now we have a lot more craft stalls we have really done well over the summer.”
New recruits include an impressive
Sarah Cutter, who sells fruit and veg on the market, also has a milk round and a greengrocers shop in town
mobile coffee unit, original artwork and photography and a pottery stall.
Artist Michelle Hodgson sells homewares featuring her own artwork. Thomas Johnson specialises in handmade, laser engraved nature artwork and Robert Parry, who had heard that Kirkby Lonsdale market was on the up, decided to take a stall selling vintage military uniforms and memorabilia.
Michelle said: “My business is a hobby gone mad. It was wonderful to come on this market after lockdown because I had been stuck in my studio producing artwork and homewares. The interaction with other traders and customers is great. People comment on how much stock I have but I had nothing else to do for months,” she added.
Thomas Johnson is also relishing the market atmosphere.
And Robert Parry, a former corporal in the Duke of Lancaster regiment with a passion for military uniforms and vintage army memorabilia, said: “I do well on Lancaster market so I decided to give this market a go.”
Unusual, quirky lines do well on Kirkby Lonsdale market, and the combination of traditional lines and crafty, arty stalls is
Nathan Lusted, who runs Creative Seafood, has a loyal following in Kirkby Lonsdale where he has been the market fish man for the past eight years
just what the locals want.
“We haven’t got the coaches of visitors
back yet,” said Debs. “But we have had a very good summer. We still have room to expand in the square so we could take more traders.”
But, like all markets and most of the UK, the coronavirus uncertainty and the coming winter remains a cloud on the horizon.
l Market Day: Thursday
l Market Rent: £25 per 3 metre pitch including gazebo. £5 for electricity
l Kirkby Lonsdale’s claim to fame: The idyllic Cumbrian market town of Kirkby Lonsdale nestles in the rolling hills of South Lakeland on the River Lune. It once boasted several mills for grinding corn, bark and bone. Wool carding, snuff manufacturing and bobbin making were also carried out. These days it is a thriving community which attracts tourists from far and wide.

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