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resources to tap into to invest in the market.
“We tried various initiatives but we never had the resources to really invest in them,” Janet said.
Then the virus struck and the market was reduced to essential stalls.
“In the end we came to the conclusion that we needed to bring in some professional expertise and resources,” Janet said.
They recently handed a three-year contract to run the market to Groupe Geraud, a large private market operator based in Prescot, and in July Geraud took the helm.
Janet said: “A lot of local people had misgivings about bringing in a private
operator. They felt the market was very precious to the town and we shouldn’t hand it over to a commercial enterprise. But we aren’t handing it over as such. We are still the locals telling the operator what we need to happen to the market.”
Janet said people also felt that Kirkby Lonsdale needed to remain a traditional market.
“Makers markets are wonderful and they work brilliantly, but for Kirkby Lonsdale we all felt we needed to keep a traditional Thursday market with all the staples that people expect to find.”
Nevertheless the market was down to eight or nine stalls and the CIC felt it had run out of ideas and resources to grow it.
FEATURE • KIRKBY LONSDALE The good news is that, thanks to the
efforts of Geraud, the market doubled in size overnight and it is now a colourful sight in the picturesque Market Place, with the long-established stalls bolstered by an influx of new traders, mainly on the arts and crafts side.
Geraud brings its brightly coloured gazebos and sets them up for the traders, then takes them down at the end of the market day.
Debs Hawkins, market supervisor for the CIC, said: “It is lovely to see a larger market with so many new traders, and there are certainly more people visiting the town on market day, so everyone is benefiting.”
   Janet Nuttall (right), Kirkby Lonsdale’s town and tourism manager, is pictured with market supervisor Debs Hawkins
Robert Parry has just started on the market where he sells vintage military uniforms and other military items
  Thomas Johnson is relatively new to Kirkby Lonsdale where he is selling artwork created by his father
Michelle Hodgson describes her art and design business as “a hobby gone mad”. She sells homewares that are hand printed with her original designs

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