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  Market Times • October 2013
Jamie Mitchell, who runs Deadgood Burritos on the new market with help from his brother, Ricky, said: “It’s a brilliant market and a great place to be.”
Jamie worked in the catering industry following eight years in building contracting. His dream was to run his own food business and he took the plunge two years ago. He specialises in Mexican food including burritos and his signature dish is Carnitas, pork shoulder rubbed in blended spices and cooked slowly overnight in freshly squeezed orange juice.
Street Diner unveils its menus every Thursday on social media sites, and their fans on Twitter and Facebook discuss what they fancy for lunch the following day.
Jamie said: “Social media is the big driver on street food. We interact with food fans on the net all the time. “
Jamie trades at festivals and is Brighton born and bred, so he was delighted to learn that a new street food market was starting up and he has been a fixture on the market from Day One.
So has Louise Ramsey, who gave up her job and life in London to try to make a go of her own food business, Halloumi and Choriza BBQ, on the new Brighton food market.
Louise said: “It has always been my dream to run a food business, but I got sucked into earning a living through print production.”
When she heard about the new venture through her friend Kate O’Sullivan, she decided it was now or never.
“It has gone really, really well and I am enjoying it so much,” she said.
There is no doubt that the winter will pose challenges, but office and shop workers still need to eat at lunch time — so Christina, Kate and the traders are optimistic that Street Diner is here to stay.
Jamie Mitchell who runs Deadgood Burritos is pictured with his brother, Ricky, who helps on his Brighton stall
      Right: Louise Ramsey who runs Halloumi and Choriza BBQ is pictured with her assistant, Melissa Noble

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