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  Roy Broadhurst travels from the Mold area to sell underwear and nightwear on Machynlleth market
Nick Lowe, holding the green bag, and his wife Dee are originally from Staffordshire but settled in Machynlleth after discovering it during their professional career as singers. Nick, who is chairman of Machynlleth’s NMTF branch, sells railway memorabilia on the market
  Market supervisor Mike Clarke and his right hand man, Mark Rowlands, are pictured with Councillor Mike Williams, a town and Powys county councillor who is chairman of the town council market panel
“We came to live here from Staffordshire 20 years ago,” Nick said. A keen train spotter, he decided to start selling railway memorabilia on the market and the idea snowballed.
“This is the right place for this type of business,” Nick said. “There are seven preserved rail- ways in the areas and enthusiasts know where I am,” he added.
Sue Averis, Treasurer of the branch, has been a market trader since 1976 and is simply passionate about markets. Her products — hand made cards, ethnic clothing and other spiritual products — reflect her outlook
on life.
“Markets are at the root of a
community,” she said. “I stand six markets but this one is the best. It has such a good mix of products bought from wholesalers and unique, hand-made goods.”
Among those selling sourced products is Paul Axon, who specialises in high quality country wear for people who enjoy fishing, shooting and the country life.
Elaine Weston, who sells slate and driftwood craft items made by her husband, and her own hand- sewn bags and aprons, falls into the latter category.
Sue Averis is a free spirit who sells her hand made cards and ethnic products on the market

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