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Philip Whittaker, who runs a butchers and cooked meat stall in the covered market, is pictured with his assistant Marion Longton, who worked for his father, David, also a market butcher, before joining Philip
David Livesey runs a Fleetwood-based fish business in the covered market with his brother, Peter, which was started by their father
  John and Linda Brennand have a thriving fashion business in Chorley including a number of stalls in the covered market and a couple of adjacent shops
Norma Carey has been selling cakes and biscuits in Chorley market for 50 years
 l MarketDays:TheFlatIronMarketis held on Tuesdays. The covered market is open Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays
l MarketRent:Rentis£25adayfora double pitch and £15 for a single pitch on the Flat Iron Market. It is between £15.50 and £24 on the covered market
l Chorley’sClaimtoFame:Chorley became prosperous in the industrial revolution when it was a buzzing cotton mill town, with coalmines nearby. Once it was impossible to count all the mill chimneys, whereas today just one dominates the skyline. And then, of course, there’s the famous Chorley Cake — a close relation of the nearby Eccles Cake, but with some differences.
is much better.”
Nicola Banks, market and town centre co-
ordinator for Chorley Council, who is relatively new to her role, said: “Everyone says the new gazebos have made a big improvement and Tuesday is now a really busy shopping day in Chorley.”
Traders in the covered market are also positive about their other trading days.
Lynne Hardacre, who took over a babywear business in the covered market three years ago, has since expanded it to include children’s clothes from aged two to 13.
“We are doing well and we have regulars who come to shop here from as far afield as Southport, Bolton and Bury,” Lynne added.
Butcher Philip Whittaker, who took a unit in the covered market next door to his father’s following the refurbishment, does well selling fresh and cooked meat.
And David Livesey, who runs a fish business with his brother, James, finds it well worth their while to travel from Fleetwood to serve the regulars.
No one is more positive about the covered
market than John and Linda Brennand who have been selling fashion there for 43 years. They now have several stalls and two adjacent shops, and their sons Jonathan, 31, and James, 25, both work for the family business.
“We pride ourselves on our service — it’s about trust and friendliness,” John said. The couple have seen fashion shops come and go in the town — but they keep going from strength to strength.”
The final word on Chorley market has to go to Sam Kendal, a new recruit to market trading who has left a shop in nearby Pall Mall to sell holistic and spiritual goods from a gazebo on The Flat Iron.
“I much prefer to be outside on the market,” said Sam, a free spirit who says she realised she was a spiritual soul as a child, when she told her mother that her grandfather read her stories — and her mother told her he had died before she was born.
“I love the traders and the people you meet on the market,” Sam said. “It’s wonderful to be outdoors and the market is a little community where everyone looks after each other.”

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