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Market Times • October 2013
Are you running a green market or business?
  — if so, get recognition — enter our competition now!
press and media, again generating awareness. Tenants and traders have also expressed positive recognition to the work that goes on behind the scenes.
To enter the competition go to and register your market, or if you are a trader please register yourself.
Once you have registered download the entry form, you have until November 5th 2013 to email or post your completed entry form to us.
On the website you will also find examples of previous winners entries to help you compile yours, as well as other useful bits to help with your entry and tips on how to become greener.
ARE you a market trader or operator who is passionate about our planet, raving about recycling and crazy about carbon footprint?
The How Green Is Your Market? competition 2013 aims to find the UK’s greenest operator — and greenest trader — by offering both the chance to show us how they are making their businesses and market environment sustainable.
Running a green business can hep reduce costs, help your business run more efficiently and appeal to a consumer market that is becoming more and more environmentally conscious.
Entering the competition could see you receive well
deserved recognition for your green efforts, put your market on the map as well as widen your consumer base. And the same goes if you are awarded the accolade of Greenest Trader.
Ashton-under-Lyne was named the UK’s Greenest Market 2012 and the operator has since found that the award has not only enhanced the markets profile but has also led to an increased number of customers using the market.
Steven Hadfield, Ashton- under-Lyne Market Officer said: “The award has generated additional coach party visits who have specifically been interested in our Green approach. Locally, we have received plaudits through local
The veg gets recycled at Ashton-under-Lyne market
 ReMeMBeR — we neeD youR enTRies By noveMBeR 5th 2013
Private health care scheme offer for nMTF members
Recycling cardboard at Ashton-under-Lyne market
   Getting the best out of private medical health plans
The majority of NMTF members will be aware of private health plans, and will more often than not question if they really need it when they receive their annual renewal every year.
In most cases, the answer will be no, but the knowledge that it provides you with peace of mind when faced with a medical problem will encourage you to keep it.
The next question you ask yourself is can you get it cheaper, and then you start to hunt out other providers on comparison sites and trawling through adverts, which in all probability will make you wish you had not started.
The truth is that trying to compare medical plans is nigh on impossible because of the various clauses, jargon and rules that apply to different providers and plans.
Do you want in-hospital and overnight stays, or in-hospital outpatient cover and choice of hospital? You will be inundated with moratoriums, excess, and so the list goes on. You want simplicity and a full understanding of what you are buying. In order to try and simplify the process for you, the first step towards getting a plan is to make a list of what YOU want from your plan and one that best suits you, your state of health, lifestyle and cost.
If you spend a lot of time abroad or have sporting hobbies, you may want to consider a plan that covers you for travel and interests. These few simple steps can help ease the stress of taking out a private medical health plan, and bring you the peace of mind that prompted you to provide it for yourself in the first case. You can call HMCA on 01423 866985 for further advice and information or visit us at
HMCA are delighted to offer members of the National Market Traders Federation and their families our range of medical health cover and related products. Hospital and Medical Care Association are specialists in offering voluntary benefits exclusively to members of professional and trades associations and membership groups.
We have over 30 years experience dealing with over 700 Associations in delivering first class service at highly competitive rates. We do not deal with the general public and do not advertise nationally. This simply means that we can continue to offer reduced costs coupled with first class service and significant savings.
Once members subscribe to any of our plans you automatically qualify for further discounts from
our range of Loyalty Benefits. These include leisure, hotels and magazine subscriptions. Details will be given upon joining and enclosed in our Welcome Packs.
HMCA provide a free medical helpline for members who join any of the Private Medical Plans to answer any queries you have — this service is available 24/7.
All plans are supported by a first class claims service who will ensure prompt payment of all claims made.
Members who want further information can read the leaflet that is included in this edition of Market Times.
Otherwise visit the HMCA website — — or call us in person on 01423 866985 whereby we will be happy to speak to you and answer your queries.
Pictures courtesy of H G Murphy

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