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  Market Times • October 2013
   Saba Samuel sells Ethiopian food on the new community market in Station Road
Stuart Horwood, who sells and repairs watches on the main Brixton Market, has been instrumental in rejuvenating the community market alongside his friend and fellow trader John Gordon
“Station Road market has become known as the community market and that is what it is all about — the community. Local people have been given the opportunity to trade and the Brixton community has taken the market to its heart.”
One trader selling pizzas has the shortest commute — he lives on the end of Station Road. Others include Saba Samuel, who sells home made Ethiopian food, lives locally and always dreamed of running her own business on the
“This is my market. I love cooking and
Ethiopian food is in my blood, so I was so pleased to get on to the market and it is all going well,” she said.
Paul Francis, who sells ultra trendy, retro menswear, thinks Brixton community market is the place to be.
And Alan Zidur who has been selling bric-a- brac and collectibles on the market for 22 years, is just glad to see improved footfall.
It’s early days for the rejuvenated Brixton Station Road, but it is no longer the backwater it once was, and new blood, with the focus on the local community, is making a big difference.
Aaron Abbey starts erecting the stalls at 4 am
Paul Francis sells eye-catching retro menswear
   Alan Zidur has been selling bric-a-brac and collectibles on Brixton market for the past 22 years

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