Page 7 - Market Times June 2021
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    Georgina Hall started her artwork business during lockdown selling mugs and giftware featuring her wildlife paintings inspired by life on her grandparents’ farm
Sally Harries has started her business on Cirencester indoor market selling personalised towels featuring handmade appliqué
Adrian Nichols sells truckle cheeses in the Corn Hall market
Georgina Bywater sells the beautiful sterling silver jewellery she designs and makes herself
l Market Days: There is an indoor speciality general market Monday to Thursday. Friday is antiques and Saturday crafts. A vintage market fair is held on Sundays four times a year.
l Cirencester’s claim to fame: Nestling in the beautiful Cotswolds, Cirencester was once a centre for wool and is home to the Royal Agricultural University,
one of the oldest agricultural colleges in the world.

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