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husband died. She started on the market after being inundated with requests for personalised towels after creating her grandchildren’s names in bright material sewn onto bath towels and flannels.
“I enjoy making them and there is definitely a good market for them, mainly from grandparents,” she said.
“But for me it is also about getting out and meeting people. It is a friendly market and I look forward to the days I trade here,” she added.
New trader Georgina Hall is also a new business owner thanks to lockdown.
“I had finished university and in lock- down there weren’t any jobs going, so my mother suggested I try starting my own business,” she said.
A keen and talented artist, Georgina used her original artwork inspired by the farm animals on her grandparents’ farm to create beautiful gifts including mugs and oven gloves.
Cirencester indoor market is proving a great place to launch her new business, Jolly Wild.
Georgina said: “Everyone on the market has been so welcoming. It has really given me confidence that I am doing the right thing.”
Augusta is hoping that the new and long- established traders will benefit from a renewed interest in markets and shopping locally now that lockdown is easing.
Karen Harvey, who runs Diversitea, the market café, said: “It has been difficult getting through the pandemic but I think all the traders are looking forward to better times.”
 market town and the indoor market is very much part of that vibe,” she said. “We have 25 to 30 traders here most market days trading from simple trestle tables. They put on a really good display and everyone has something that little bit different and high quality, so there is always something to tempt shoppers on different days.”
Augusta said many traders had been on the market for years. Some also stand the big shows whilst others are just starting out with something they have created or crafted and being on the market gives them that support and confidence to keep going, she added.
Augusta is extremely proud of the role the market has played in nurturing start- ups which are now successful shops and businesses in the town.
“It’s lovely to sit at an outside café table and see a couple of shops which were ‘hatched’ on the market and have flown the nest,” she said.
The traders are a friendly bunch of people who are trading for a variety of reasons — some have strong businesses based in the market. Some people are enjoying creating a business from a hobby. There are new start-ups. And one or two traders simply enjoy the friendly atmosphere and company without wanting their business to become the next big thing.
Chris Bellamy is definitely the former — a long-established trader with a successful business, Elephant Silk, specialising in necklaces he makes from stunning material, and Thai silk scarves. Chris cut
his teeth working for Debenhams and spent many years running the first Debenhams store in Kuala Lumpur.
“I loved it out there but when I decided I had done it for long enough I returned to the UK with a consignment of silk scarves from Thailand,” he said.
He started trading in the market 12 years ago and has found it the perfect marketplace for his stylish products.
In normal years he also sells at the big shows, but Cirencester market remains a great base for his thriving business.
Georgina Bywater also rates the market which is the perfect springboard for her burgeoning business making and selling beautifully simple but stylish sterling silver jewellery.
“I have traded on markets for 11 years and I have been on this market since last year after moving up to the Cotswolds from Hampshire,” she said.
Cheese man Adrian Nichols has also been on the market since last year selling truckle cheeses made by The Truckle Cheese Company.
“It’s a wonderfully friendly market and we did solid business through to Christmas,” said Adrian, who also runs the company’s online sales.
Other newish recruits include Sally Harries, who has turned a hobby making personalised towels and flannels using appliqué into a business, and newbie Georgina Hall, 25, who sells gift items featuring her farm animal-inspired artwork.
Sally moved to the Cotswolds to be near her daughter and her family after her
  Chris Bellamy who used to run the first Debenhams store in Kuala
Lumpur now runs Elephant Silks selling hand made necklaces and Karen Harvey runs Diversitea, the market café which has a vintage Thai silk scarves on Cirencester indoor market and at shows theme

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