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MARKET TIMES • JUNE 2021 45 NMTF holds its first (but hopefully last)
virtual Annual General Meeting
 THE COVID-19 pandemic forced the NMTF to hold its April annual general meeting as a virtual event — but business was carried out more or less as usual.
In fact it was really a meeting of two AGMs, since the 2020 meeting had to be cancelled abruptly after the first lockdown was imposed on March 23, less than a month before the planned date.
The meeting was chaired by President Michael Nicholson, who is also Chairman of NMTF Ltd.
Delegates had previously been sent copies of his annual reports for 2019 and 2020, as well as Chief Executive Joe Harrison’s re- ports. All were approved and can be viewed online — click here.
The financial accounts prepared by audi- tors Harris and Co were also approved.
Because of the situation the conference that is traditionally held after the AGM was cancelled both years.
But we’ll be pulling out all the stops to bring back a full-blown event next year, so make a note in your diary — Monday April 11 at The Imperial Hotel in Black- pool.
Approving tabled reports — all done online courtesy of Zoom
Benefits of NMTF membership highlighted — but there’s still ‘a hill to climb’ says CEO
  THE benefits of NMTF membership and the ad- vantages of forming a liai- son group were highlighted by Stockport liaison officer John O’Mara when he told the meeting of market hall traders’ concerns about plans to introduce new li- cences.
“This was in December, in the middle of a pandemic,”
John O’Mara
he said.
But after contacting the
NMTF and with input in discussions with the council from Joe Harrison and the national body “we got the council to put the new li- cences to bed for a little bit and reissue us with our old licences,” he added.
Since those negotiations an NMTF membership of
Michael Nicholson
11 had almost trebled to 32, John said, and now almost all traders were federation members.
President Michael Nichol- son said: “I wish more peo- ple would realise the benefits of being members. I think we shall see an in- crease in membership be- cause of what’s been done over the last few months.”
CEO Joe Harrison said there was no doubt the value of the NMTF had in- creased among traders who were still working.
“We hope to build on that, because the federation was hit hard financially and it was as a result of a great deal of work by the team and the board that we man- aged to navigate our way through the last 12 months,”
he added.
The federation needed to
get its old members back. But given that 25 per cent of members solely worked events and were still not yet back at work “it’s a bit of a hill to climb over the next two or three years.
“But I do think the work the team did during the pan- demic and the assistance we were able to give will see the NMTF in a good light and I would personally like tosayabigthankyoutomy team here, including our field support officers who
Joe Harrison
have worked tirelessly, lis- tening to quite upsetting stories and trying to turn them into good news, when people didn’t know where their next few quid was coming from.”
  Thanks for all your hard work, says Susannah from Sheffield
THERE was praise for the way in which the pandemic was handled by the Executive Board and the staff.
It came from Susannah Youdan, Sheffield liaison officer, who thanked the federation for extending member- ship by three months.
“We much appreciated it, and also thank you very much for all your sup- port through all the difficulties,” she added.
Thanking Susannah for her com- ments Michael Nicholson said the staff had worked really hard to try to keep everything going.
“It’s been amazing when you think about the way everything shut down, with nearly all having to work from home.”

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