Page 37 - Market Times June 2021
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   The lighting on the stalls is powered by the solar glass and any surplus energy goes into the grid system
of months this spring in the middle of the pandemic.
“The timeframe was challenging, and the fact that we were in lockdown did not help,” Andy said.
But the project was successfully delivered and by May the traders were in situ.
Andy said it was fair to say there had been some teething problems, in particular the issue of the High Street creating a wind tun- nel and rain getting through.
But plans were in place to mitigate the problems by installing breaks at the gable ends, he said.
The fact that the stall roofs are transparent has also helped cut down on anti-social be- haviour as the CCTV cameras can see a lot more.
Gulokhan Miakhil, who helps on his cousin’s fruit and veg stall on the market, said traders welcomed the investment in the market and the new stalls looked bright and modern.
   Andy Bucknall, West Bromwich deputy market manager
Fruit and veg trader Gulokhan Miakhil has welcomed the investment

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