Page 30 - Market Times June 2021
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   Richard Gray of Denmark Foods has been the fresh fish man on the market for the past 30 years
Shaun Sweeney has modernised his plant and flower business since taking it over from his father-in-law three years ago
l Market Days: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
l Market Rent: £24 per 12 ft frontage
l Stockton-upon-Tees’ claim to fame: A former port town on the River Tees, Stockton has been an industrial powerhouse in its time, important for ship building, iron making and engineering, and home to a big ICI plant. It is also the birthplace of the humble match and the world’s first passenger railway created by George Stephenson connected Stockton with Shildon.
 William Fife is the egg man on Stockton market

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