Page 24 - Market Times June 2021
P. 24

    Friday morning before going to work in her job in sales administration.
Before too long she decided to join the traders herself with a new market business called Nibbles and Cheddar.
“We lived in Australia for seven years where the produce is phenomenal,” said Marie. “I don’t think the produce in supermarkets is up to that standard, so I was delighted to be able to shop at the new market and get such good quality fresh produce.”
She finally decided to join the traders and her new business has taken off.
“It’s a wonderful atmosphere on the market and I look forward to Fridays now,” she said.
Phil is confident the market will continue to thrive as the threat from the pandemic recedes. “I think people have rediscovered outdoor
markets and they will keep the faith,” he said.
  Cheese lady Marie Brader decided to start a new business selling cheese on the market after nipping there to buy her fresh produce on the way to work every Friday

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