Page 18 - Market Times June 2021
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 The impressive frontage now renovated with the formerly bricked-up archways on each side of the main entrance glazed to add to the brightness of the market
Crewe Market must-visit attra
Crewe Market Hall will officially open on June 21, but the traders have already set up stall and locals are flocking to the new attraction in town which has undergone a £3 million transformation. Nicola Gould takes a peak before the fanfare of the formal opening
Crewe’s new-look Market Hall is now complete following a £3 million redevelopment — and the trans- formation could not be more dramatic.
Gone are the lines of tired-looking stalls and the less than inviting ambience. The Grade II listed building is now bathed in light, with the large archways at each corner opened up and glazed, and the aisles of central stalls demolished.
The open central space is now furnished with wooden tables and benches where punters can sit and enjoy the diverse food and drink offer and there is a central stage for entertainment — everything from live music to quiz nights are already up and running.

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