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   Sue Coldwell has been selling bedding and towels on Dinnington market for the past 11 years. She says it is one of the friendliest markets you could find
which has been part of her life for as long as she can remember.
“It was my dad’s fruit and veg business going right back to the 1970s and I always helped out on the stall,” said Kerry, who can remember much busier market times.
After her father died in 2018, she took over the stall and the family’s fruit and veg shop on the High Street. She has modernised the business including launching a pay by card service, and husband Jon says she has given it a new lease of life.
Jon remembers the market from his youth. “I used to go to Rother Valley College and I remember coming down to the market in my breaks to buy something to eat,” he said.
When he lost his job as a forklift truck driver at the start of the first lockdown, Jon would enjoy helping Kerry out on the stall. And when the market manager’s job became vacant recently he was in the right place at the right time.
Kerry said: “The operator was talking about taking on someone from Leeds but we said to him that it should really be managed by someone
local who knows the community.”
So when he offered the job to Jon, he was
“I know the traders and I am doing everything
I can to improve and grow the market,” Jon said. It’s early days, but the influx of new traders is already making a difference. “We now have 12 to 14 traders and word is getting round that this
is a good market,” Jon said.
And new investment will see the shabby old
stalls replaced with similar new stalls, with some removed to create space for food vans.
  Kerry Wilson now runs the fruit and veg business on the market which she took over from her father. Her husband Jon, who lost his job at the start of the first lockdown, now runs the market for the private operator.
Lesley Wright is still serving on Kerry’s stall 21 years after she started as temporary holiday relief

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