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16 MARKET TIMES • JUNE 2021 Dinnington market — warm
of heart, if not fair of face
   GOOD looks aren’t everything. Dinnington Market in a former mining town in South Yorkshire isn’t the most prepossessing gaff, with its lines of corrugated iron-roofed stalls wedged between the bus interchange and the High Street.
But what it lacks in attractiveness it makes up for in warmth and character. And the good news is that the market is picking up after Jon Wilson, whose wife, Kerry, runs the market’s long- established fruit and veg business, took over as manager recently.
“We have a new jacket potato business and a
cleaning products stall on the market, and I have had quite a few enquiries over the last few weeks with more traders wanting to stand the market,” Jon said.
Dinnington market is privately operated by Paylet Ltd, based in Worcestershire. It was once an incredibly busy Friday and Saturday market in the pre-supermarket days, when the pits were churning out coal and the miners’ wives had money in their pockets to stock up at the market towards the end of the working week.
Those days are long gone, but Dinnington remains a tight-knit community and locals
continue to support the market.
Sue Coldwell, who has been selling bedding
and towels here for the past 11 years, said: “I stand other markets but this is my favourite. It’s the community that makes it so good. They are so friendly and loyal.”
Haydn Ogley, who took over the market’s plants business 16 years ago from his mum and dad, Glyn and Margaret, who had run it for 40 years before that, agrees.
“It is a really good morning market and we have always done well here,” he said.
Kerry Wilson simply loves Dinnington market,
  Haydn Ogley runs the market’s busy plant stall. His father Glyn, who started the business, regularly helps out.

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