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   Muhammad Hussein came to a UK as a refugee from war-torn Syria in 2017. He now has a thriving vegan falafel business on Guildford’s North Street market
Emma explained. “A student actually suggested it and we began at Surrey University.”
They ended up trading at six different universities before the pandemic put a stop to that side of things.
Emma is confident it will return in September. “We have actually done quite well trading through the lockdowns,” she said. “People feel safer shopping outside and we have collected new customers.”
Other market stalwarts include a great bread stall, a father and son watch, clock and jewellery repair service run by Dave and Steve Smith, which has been on the market for 25 years, an impressive fruit and veg stall run by Chris Gaish called
The Fruit Machine, and a second flower business run by Gary Erricker whose family has been on the market since 1928.
Young trader Jack John’s The Wild Fish Project is a perfect fit for the high-end customers in Guildford.
Jack served an apprenticeship with a fisherman which involved going out on his boat to catch the fish and he sells 50 varieties of fresh fish bought from his fisherman friend in Dorset.
And a relatively new vegan falafel mobile business has also hit the right not on North Street market.
Run by Muhammad Hussein, who escaped his war-torn homeland of Syria in 2017 for a new life in the UK, his Vegan
Falafel Wraps business has gone down a storm in Guildford.
“I set up the business in 2018 and I do well on this market. Before the pandemic I traded at Surrey University and the queues for my authentic falafels were unbelievable,” he said. “In the end the university invited me to take a small unit there.”
Like so many traders, COVID-19 has put a spanner in the works for Muhammed. But the regulars on North Street Market are more hopeful than most that the good times are returning to their favourite market.
l Market Days: Friday and Saturday l Market Rent: £15 per metre
frontage per day
l Guildford’s claim to fame: Guildford in Surrey is the home of the University of Surrey and a striking cathedral. It was the location of the first purpose-built car factory in the country and inventor E Lancaster Burne erected one of the UK’s first wind turbines on a hill in the town to provide power to his home. The up- market town regularly ranks in the top 20 best placed to live and it is one of the most expensive locations to buy a house.

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