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“The business has changed,” Emma said. “We now sell more than 100 different fruit and veg and people pick out what they want.”
The couple’s two sons, Harri, 25, and Charlie, 27, have followed mum and dad into the family business, which was a bit of a boon when the pandemic struck.
The Findlays launched an online service with deliveries. “They helped set up the web site and we will be continuing with that,” Emma said.
But it did not make up for the loss of the university side of their business which was booming before the pandemic.
“We were the first traders to sell fruit and veg on a university campus 24 years ago,”
 Heidi, who is Swiss by birth, has had a stall on the market for the past 45 years. At 74, she still loves selling beautiful flowers to the good people of Guildford and beyond, and remembers days gone by when there were 23 fruit and veg stalls and three flower stalls on the market.
Heidi came to the UK to learn English and got a job as a parlour maid to Field Marshal Montgomery.
She was promoted to becoming his chef before leaving and getting married.
“A friend of mine had a stall on this market selling fruit, veg and flowers and she was so busy she couldn’t manage it all, so I bought the flowers business,” she said.
Heidi traded through the last lockdown as she also sells eggs, and has no plans to call it a day any time soon.
“This is just such a lovely, friendly market and after all these years I now have customers with children and I remember selling flowers to their mothers when they were children,” she said.
Emma also has a long and happy history at North Street market. Her father was a fruit and veg trader and Emma helped on the stall from 11.
She met her husband, Richard, on the market where he also sold fruit and veg. They started their own business, Unique Fruit, and have been in business together for 30 years.
  Heidi Jones has been selling flowers on the market for 45 years. Swiss by birth, she came over to England to work as a parlour maid to Field Marshal Montgomery in 1976
Emma Findlay has been selling fruit and veg on Guildford market for 30 years and her father was a greengrocer on the market going back many more years
Jack John’s The Wild Fish Project is a perfect fit for the high-end customers in Guildford

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