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    Kenny Dybowski loves standing Clevedon market where she sells knitting wools
 Lucy Pritchard, who trades as Mad Woman from the Hills, has a busy stall on the market selling quality, design-led gift and home accessories including tea towels designed by artists at £8.50 a pop
Claudia Marissa Barroso and her husband Fabio appreciated the help they received from Steve to start their business, Sweet Morning, selling Claudia’s homemade cakes and pastries
Fishmonger Geoff Britton usually sells out at Clevedon market which has stood since it started 17 years ago
 l Market Days: Thursday
l Market Rent: From £15 a day, with a special deal for new traders of £5 a day for the first four market days
l Clevedon’s claim to fame: Located by the sea in North Somerset, Clevedon came to prominence as a Victorian resort and it boasts a pier which was restored 30 years ago following a partial collapse. It retains some light industry and many locals commute to nearby Bristol
of the market and the local people.
Harry sells ladies fashion and Sukhdap does
eyebrow threading on the market.
And Lucy Pritchard, who trades as the “Mad
Woman from the Hills”, does well here and on Wells Market, which is more of a tourist destination.
“I specialise in good quality, design-led gift and home accessories and I sell quirky glass ornaments, paper weights and a range of artist designed tea towels which sells well for £8.50 each or three for £24.”
Although an unusual line for Clevedon, Lucy does surprisingly well here, as does the relatively new cheese man Simon Gerring, who ran the stall for someone else for 16 months before deciding to go it alone eight months ago.
“Since I have been running the business
myself I have expanded by about 50 per cent,” said Simon, who now brings to market a wide range of cheeses including local cheddars as well as eggs, cold meats and now olives.
There is also a high-quality bread stall and several quirky, unusual non-food businesses.
Steve Brand said: “This is a really close-knit market and although Clevedon is quite a sleepy town we are getting more people from further afield visiting the market as we go on.”
His plan for the future is to continue supporting traders and promoting the market on Facebook and in every way possible including more signs to the market.
And anyone wanting to start a business on this market can be assured that Steve will do everything to give them a fighting chance to succeed.

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