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 weights on sites like ebay.
“My view is that if someone new visits and
there aren’t many stalls, then they won’t return to Clevedon market,” he said.
“But if I see a new trader with potential trying to get started on this market but without many resources, then I would rather offer then cheaper or even free rent if it means they can make a go of things and become an asset on the market,” he added.
He offers £5 a week for the first four weeks for new market businesses. And he will also go that extra mile in other ways including sourcing cheap secondhand gazebos for a new business or giving advice and support on stall displays.
“I can offer traders a fresh pair of eyes and look at their stall or business and see how it
might be improved — and small enhancements can make a big difference,” Steve said.
One trader to have benefited from this generous approach is Claudia Marisa Barroso, who came to live in nearby Weston-super-Mare from her native Argentina three years ago and decided to start a market business selling her home-made cakes and pastries on Clevedon Market.
Called Sweet Morning, Claudia started the business on a shoestring and Steve found her a good secondhand gazebo and allowed her to pay in instalments.
“I have always loved baking and I make Argentinian cakes and French pastries. I am doing well here now and I am grateful for all the support,’ she added.
It’s not just Steve, but all the traders who
support each other on what everyone agrees is a happy, harmonious market.
Kenny Dybowski has been selling wool on the market for the past nine years.
She said: “I used to knit when my children were young and when I decided to take up knitting again I found there was a lack of places to buy wool.
“I turned up on my first market day like a little orphan.
“I had a pitch, a table and a couple of little boxes of wool.”
Over the years she has gained many loyal customers, and these days it is more about the friendship and the camaraderie than what she makes on the market.
Harry and Sukhdap Sahi, who have been trading for 10 years, also love the friendliness
  Steve Brand now manages the market where he sold computer parts and spares for nearly 10 years
Harry Sahi and his wife Sukhdap are both regulars on Clevedon market where he sells women’s fashion and she offers an eyebrow threading service
  Simon Gerring took over the cheese stall he used to run for someone else eight months ago and he has expanded it significantly

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