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 Rinku Dutt used to work as a banker in the city but can now be found serving authentic Indian street food from a converted horse box in Catford on the last Sunday of each month.
She said: “Although I had a career as a banker my passion is street food — the authentic Indian food you find in Calcutta where my father’s family ran a well-known restaurant.”
Rinku took the plunge three years ago with the help of her husband, Neelan, and her dad, Ron. “We now have units in Canada Water and Lewisham, but I love Catford market where we have built up a great following of regular customers who love our food,” she added.
Joe Brett, who used to work as a project manager in digital media, is also a regular trader on Catford Food Market.
“Another trader told me about it,” said Joe, who followed his passion for baking and co- founded Brett & Bailey in 2012 selling delicious baked goods and cakes.
Based at Crystal Palace, Brett takes orders online and stands markets on Saturdays and Sundays, Catford being one of his best.
The market in Catford isn’t all about food and drink. There is a posh plants stall and a colourful stall selling baskets and other craft items.
“We recently condensed the market at the top end of Broadway and the aim is for our traders to sell out each market day,” Deborah said.
Although she had originally planned to only run the market for the first few months, Deborah is still at the helm and is currently busy organising the second Catford Vegan Food Festival in July after last year’s event was a runaway success.
Catford is changing and an artisan food market is something new for this community, but Deborah and her team want to ensure that the whole community is engaged and benefits from the regeneration.
   Joe Brett, a former project manager in digital media, hasn’t looked back since he co- founded Brett & Bailey, a baked goods business based in Crystal Palace. Catford’s monthly food market is one of his best

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