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MARKET TIMES • JUNE 2019 quality street food is what people want and they
tend to go to places like London, Leeds or Manchester for that offer. But we saw no reason why a town like Doncaster shouldn’t have the same sort of attraction where people can enjoy all types of street food in a bright, welcoming setting.
“That is the lure that will bring people into a town centre — shopping is no longer enough. We have to give them a purpose to come into town, somewhere where they can meet, eat, drink and enjoy the best artisan food and discover quirky, niche products and services.”
Yet Hayden insists that above all the wool market had to remain a proper market. As well as the core street food and drink businesses, there are 26 units selling everything from baby
clothes to antiques and collectibles.
With only two of the former traders wanting to return, Hayden was tasked with finding new businesses and entrepreneurs wanting to launch
or move their businesses there.
“We started with a blank sheet, but when
people saw the opportunity we got plenty of interest and now the market is almost full,” he said.
Among the entrepreneurs is Jagdish Bisht, who was born in Delhi and made his first rice dish at the tender age of seven.
“I love authentic Indian cooking that my mother taught me, but when I came to the UK there was nothing really like it — it’s the blend of flavours that’s so special, not how hot a curry is,” he said.
After working for others in the hotel and restaurant industry, he decided to try to recreate the authentic Indian food his mother used to make in the new market and named his new business Indian Food Hawker after the “hawkers” who traditionally sold home cooked hot food on the streets of his native country.
Ros Jones, Doncaster’s mayor, said that with traders like Jagdish on board, the new-look market would soon become a destination attraction and a place where all the family could meet and find something to enjoy.
It is open from Tuesday to Sunday and stays open until 9 pm Thursday to Saturday, with a live band on stage every Friday for the next six months.
   Pictured at the opening of Doncaster Wool Market are market manager Richard Gibbons (right) and Hayden Ferriby, market consultants Quarterbridge’s business development director
Pictured with the then NMTF President and President-Elect, John Dyson (right) and Michael Nicholson, are Jagdish Bisht and his wife Manju, who have launched their new street food business Indian Food Hustler on the market

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