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    Wendi Betts started Betts Jewellers in the old market 19 years ago and has invested everything she has in her sparkling new unit
Hanif and Zedah Hameed have switched to selling wool and haberdashery in a market unit and a nearby shop unit after selling ladies’ fashions for more than 20 years in the old market
 l Market Days: The general market is open Tuesdays to Saturdays and the food court upstairs opens Monday to Saturday and into the evening
l Market Rent: £3,000 a year to lease a nine-metre stall but a barrow is £30 a day on Fridays and Saturdays
l Scunthorpe’s claim to fame: Located in North Lincolnshire, Scunthorpe is an industrial town famous for steel manufacturing which has dominated the local economy for decades, although the numbers employed have dropped from 27,000 in its heyday to around 4,000 today. Other employers include food production and kitchen manufacturing.
have made a big investment in their new units which are bright and fit for the 21st century.
Wendi Betts, who started Betts Jewellery on the market 19 years ago, has invested everything she has in her new market unit — to great effect.
“We are really pleased with the look and feel of the market and the footfall is great,” she added.
Other long-established market traders Hanif Hameed and his wife Zedah took the opportunity to switch from ladies fashion and launch a new wool and haberdashery business, Wool Paradise, on the market, as well as a nearby shop of the same name.
Hanif said: “It has been described as the Meadowhall of markets.”
The couple who have been trading for 19 years said they decided to switch to wool because fashion was declining.
They were lucky to get a prime unit at the entrance and their business creates a welcoming splash of colour to welcome shoppers into the market.
Jenny said that although it was still early days, all the signs are that the market is working well for traders, shopkeepers and shoppers alike.
Jenny Couch says there is now interest in another empty building that could bring even more vibrancy to the town’s retail heart.
“We have heard of shoppers coming from places like Hull, Lincoln and Gainsborough to visit the market,” she said.
She added that the market was just one part of the regeneration programme.
Apparently £60 million is being invested in public and private schemes in this Lincolnshire town, which can only bode well for the future of the market.

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