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 Calling all young entrepreneurs
and operators — be part of the
NMTF’s Young Traders Market
 THE NMTF’s Young Traders Market project is advancing rapidly with the location and dates for seven regional finals now confirmed.
They will be taking place at Derby (July 13), Wells in Somerset (July 25), Newcastle-upon- Tyne (July 27), York (August 1), Warrington (August 3), Westminster (August 8) and Wolverhampton (August 10).
The national final will be held at Stratford- upon-Avon’s historic Waterside location on August 30 and 31.
In addition operators have been encouraged to stage their own local young traders markets, perhaps in conjunction with NABMA’s Love Your Local Market campaign which has just been taking place, or if that is not possible to nominate young traders already on their markets to take part in one of regional finals, leading up to the grand national final in Stratford-upon- Avon at the end of August.
Young entrepreneurs can still apply individually to be part of the project by going to and clicking on the Young Traders Market logo.
The Young Traders Market is a rebranding of the successful National Youth Market initiative
to better reflect its 16 to 30-year age range. But it’s on a grander scale and overall it will give hundreds of young entrepreneurs the opportunity to trade.
The NMTF has been buoyed on by the success of last year’s trial regional youth markets in Leeds and Manchester and the amazing national final in Stratford.
NMTF CEO Joe Harrison said: “We know this project works because of this smaller scale trial last year.
“This year we are inviting as many young people as possible to get involved, whether they are would-be traders who want to dip their toe in the water, others who have been trading for some time, perhaps on a part-time basis, and perhaps those who have traded exclusively
online but think a market pitch could be their shop window.”
He said that this could be an ideal way of starting a fledgling business.
“But there must be many talented young people out there who do not realise that, and as a result struggle to market their products.
“In turn this means that operators are missing out on opportunities to fill empty stalls and get the kinds of goods on to their markets that will attract the shopping public, particularly those of a younger age group.”
It’s not too late for operators to take part — email to express your interest, or telephone NMTF head office on 01226 749021 and ask to speak to a member of the YTM team.
   For more information for operators, the traders entry procedure and a guide to starting up, visit

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