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MARKET TIMES • JUNE 2019 11 NMTF shares its markets
data for wider research
 AS PART of a continuing engagement with the University of Leeds ‘Markets4People’ project, the NMTF has made its extensive data on markets and street traders available for wider re-use via the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC).
The CDRC, co-hosted at the University of Leeds, acts as a trusted repository for consumer data, enabling researchers and policymakers to access high quality data collected by commercial-sector organisations.
The NMTF collects comprehensive data on markets and street traders as part of frequent visits to markets across the UK carried out by in-house field officers. Field officers record non-sensitive information on market characteristics, trading days, opening hours, occupancy rates and type of goods and services available.
The NMTF is delighted to be able to make these data freely available via the CDRC, who have drawn on the enthusiasm and expertise of University of Leeds MSc student Oliver Smith to prepare and quality-assure the data.
recognised within analysis and policy-making related to local retail environments.
Members should note that no personal information has been shared as part of this project.
  Your Market Times
wrapper is biodegradable
IN THIS increasingly environmentally- friendly age and concern about plastic waste the NMTF has been asked about the wrappers used to send you Market Times through the post.
We can say that the material is biodegradable, and that it can be recycled with plastic carrier bags at drops found at most supermarkets.
Nevertheless our mailing house will monitor the situation and will let us know if any even more environmentally friendly options become available.
Oliver spent time in the NMTF’s offices assessing the coverage and completeness of internal databases, preparing documentation to enable wider re-use of these data and adding geographic identifiers, enabling spatial and statistical analysis of these data.
The CDRC hosts open datasets which enable researchers, policy makers, media and the public to explore the retail trading landscape in urban and rural areas via a popular online mapping portal ( The availability of the NMTF’s bespoke market- specific data is a tremendous opportunity to raise the profile of the organisation’s work and ensures that traditional retail markets are
 Markets JC LTD
Market operators
Greenliegh Farm, Chew Magna, Bristol, BS40 8QR • 07831 254985 • •
     Summer Markets
Every Monday
Charmouth, Dorset DT6 6QF
From 27th May
Every Tuesday
Portland, Dorset DT5 2EN
From 28th May
Every Friday
Swanage, Dorset BH19 1AP
From 19th April
     All above markets have been running 40 years
  For more information please contact John Perry on 07831 254985

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