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   Adam Khan who sells bags and purses on the market said: “We are definitely a lot better here than we were in the old market location.”
   John had completed a £1 million investment in improving the town centre. The majority of the investment was in a water attenuation tank under the pedestrianised street to solve a major flooding problem, but it also included removing street clutter and planting trees.
“The improvements were in place but the footfall still wasn’t what it should be. I felt bringing in the market would create that vibrancy we needed, and everyone would benefit,” John said.
The council agreed to the move and has backed up its decision with investment.
Farnborough is an affluent town most famous for its link with aviation, in particular the Farnborough Air Show.
Local people have money to spend, but the previous market offering didn’t match the demographics of the area.
“In some respects you are chipping away at that traditional, bargain market offer,” John said. “We had to have a market that looked right, so we invested £30,000 in blue and white gazebos, and the entire council team joined forces to lend their expertise to launching the market in its new location.”
There was an impressive launch day in March last year with four of the original traders and plenty of newcomers testing the water.
And, fingers crossed, the market has been a success, bringing increased footfall into town every Tuesday and creating that elusive
vibrancy that every town centre needs. Most important of all, the traders have
enjoyed a big upturn.
Tony said: “My takings are up by 50 per cent.
I was against the move but after two weeks I had to admit my mistake and shake hands with John and tell him he was right.”
John said: “We’re not saying the market is perfect. There are challenges ahead. But we have a good mix of traders with a quality offering. Farnborough has a technical college, a business park and the council offices all within easy reach of Queensmead and the offer is attracting people, particularly between 11.30 am and 2 pm.”
With no specialist knowledge of markets,
Tony Clowes and his wife Vanora, who sell eggs, cheese and bakery items, say their takings have gone up by 50 per cent since the move

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