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  “I started on Ebay and now do well on the markets,” said Gill, who is impressed by what she has seen so far of the new operation.
“They are enthusiastic and I think things will get better here,” she added.
There’s still some way to go. Gary said that part of the challenge is managing the public’s expectations.
“We have heard of a few people being disappointed because they are returning to a market they remember as being much bigger,” he said.
But the tide is definitely turning and the team would like to hear from any traders with a line they think would match the market offer.
They have some excellent hot food stalls and are planning to start a street food area soon. A fishmonger would be most welcome and any professional trader should do well on this market.
If everyone works together, the glory days could return to this Essex institution.
Gary Saunders, who runs Saunders Markets
Nick Saunders, the company’s commercial director
Gill Wild has an unusual line in designer pet products which go down well in Essex
 l Market Days: Saturdays and Bank Holiday Mondays
l Market Rent: £5 a foot
l North Weald airfield’s claim to fame: North Weald airfield near Epping Forest in Essex opened exactly 100 years ago. The Royal Flying Corps flew from North Weald in the first world war, followed by the Royal Air Force from April 1918. It was an important fighter base in the second world war. Hawker Hurricanes and Bristol Blenheims flew from North Weald, and later in the war it was the base for two US fighter squadrons who flew Spitfires, then a Norwegian squadron. Jet fighters were based there from 1949.
The RAF left the base in 1964 and Epping Forest District Council bought it in 1979.

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