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  Market Times • June 2016
Fairs branch and Birmingham Rag scoop Trustees Trophy
KIND-HEARTED traders who Trophies that are awarded each raise money for the NMTF’s year to the branches raising the Benevolent Fund have been most to help fellow traders who recognised through the Trustees have fallen on hard times.
Mike Ayres from Fairs branch receiving the Trustees Trophy from NMTF President John Dyson
The Trustees Trophy for the branch with more than 99 members that raised the most was awarded to the Fairs branch.
The trophy for the branch with less than 99 members raising the most went to Birmingham Rag branch.
  Chris Ryland from Birmingham Rag branch receiving the Trustees Trophy (for less than 99 members) from NMTF President John Dyson
  Warrington and Cottingham branches prove top recruiters
WARRINGTON and Cottingham branches were recognised for their success in recruiting new members to the NMTF. The Cyril Rees Memorial Cup for the branch with the largest increase in membership during the year went to Warrington, and the George Bailey Shield for gaining the most new members in a year was awarded to Cottingham branch.
Extending a helping hand to market traders in need
 MORE market traders have been helped through difficult times — thanks to the NMTF’s Benevolent Fund.
The NMTF President Michael Nicholson said the Benevolent Fund was set up to help traders who had fallen on hard times, with grants available to help people with living expenses and to help people with health problems.
He said not everyone was aware of the existence of the fund and the committee would like to hear from anyone who knew of a deserving case.
Last year grants to the total value of £5,502 were awarded, he said. The fund is supported by branches, either through donations or fundraising efforts.
Individual traders also raise money and Michael paid tribute to
the efforts of Martin Ingledew of Middlesbrough branch, who has raised over £1,000 for the Benevolent Fund over the years through sponsorship for running the Great North Race. In 2015 he raised £203.50 for the fund.
Leah has
designs for
student grant
LEAH GIBSON, a fashion design and marketing student at Northumberland University, who hails from Belfast, has been named as the recipient of the NMTF/Harry Cross Student Grant.
The grant, which was set up in memory of a well-known and much liked market trader and NMTF supporter, is awarded each year to a student whose parents are market traders. It can be spent on items such as text books to support their studies.
 Susannah wins plaudits for her maiden speech
SUSANNAH YOUDAN, who runs a cheese stall at Sheffield Market, was overwhelmed to learn she had been awarded the George Randle Trophy for the best maiden speech at this year’s annual general meeting.
Susannah spoke passionately about the NMTF and her pride in belonging to an organisation that works hard to help market traders and support the markets industry.
She pledged that she would be doing her level best to encourage new and existing traders to join the organisation so that market traders could enjoy the benefits of a united voice in a challenging industry.

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