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  Market Times • June 2016
 Marketsnapp aims
to revolutionise
market shopping
“I live, breathe and sleep markets”
Roi Mengelgrein
  THE man who has transformed Tooting Market into a a vibrant hub has now set his sights on revolu- tionising market shopping through a new website, Marketsnapp —
It is being hailed as the UK’s first online retail platform for market traders designed by market experts.
Roi Mengelgrein is behind the new enterprise. Roi has been in the markets industry for 20 years. He managed the buzzing Stables Market in Camden for 14 years until 2010, helping to create one of the world’s most iconic and busiest market areas.
He moved to Tooting to work his magic on the ailing South London
market, and now that it is a bustling, thriving market again, he has turned his attention to technology to improve the lot of market traders and the markets industry.
“I live, breathe and sleep markets,” said Roi. “It is an absolute passion. Once Tooting was buzzing I started looking around
for new ways of helping market traders and boosting markets, and Marketsnapp is the result.”
Launched in April, Marketsnapp provides a platform where market traders can showcase their goods collectively, and shoppers can browse what’s on offer on their local markets from the comfort of their own home.
Roi said: “I work with market traders all the time and I understand their needs in these tough times.”
He said Marketsnapp offers them a marketplace in their pocket. “In quiet times on the market they can take their smartphone out of their pocket, take photos of their goods and upload them to the website.”
Use of Marketsnapp is free and the commission on anything sold is small compared to the likes of eBay, Roi said.
Users have to register and all potential users are vetted to ensure their products meet the right criteria — for example Marketsnapp isn’t the best place to sell batteries or toothpaste.
Once an account is approved, users can log in and go to their ‘My Account’ dashboard to create a profile, upload items and get selling.
Roi said: “The idea is to replicate a market — but online.” He said that more than 300 traders had signed up to the website before the launch. “It is a really exciting and unique online market that is easy to use. We have an admin team at the end of the phone if users need help. The enthusiasm and feedback from traders has been phenomenal,” he added.

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