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  Pictured on Ely market are Julia Davis, East Cambridge District Council’s town centres projects officer, Bill Wayman, the market supervisor and Lisa Quin, an admin assistant
thing), and an eel themed parade. Other attractions include a national town crier’s competition and historical re-enactments.
A new food and drink festival, morris dancing and continental markets are all contributing to the vibrancy of Ely’s market scene.
Julia said: “The good news is that the market is now full, with 90 per cent regulars and ten per cent casuals.”
And the traders, many of whom have been standing the market for years, are enjoying the benefits of a busy, thriving market.
Geoff Hunt, who has a wholesale tools business based in Norwich supplying markets, shops and garden centres, is a fixture on Ely market.
“I have been trading here for 12 years and it’s a really good market,” he said.
Tracy Sharman, who works alongside her daughter, Monique, 20, on the flower and plants business started by her dad Tony in 1960, is also a big fan of Ely.
    Roland Allen, or Rol the Fish as he is known, is one of two fishmongers on the market. He has been selling fish there for 20 years and has at least another 25 years of market trading in him, he says

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