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Market Times • June 2014
Back in business — at the right end of the High Street By NICOLA GOULD
REDCAR Market has been brought back from the brink — thanks to a relocation and new market manager and operator Billy Adams, who is a working market trader.
The market in the seaside town of Redcar in the north-east was started in the 1980s, but a shift in the retail centre of the town had left it stranded at the wrong end of the High Street.
Standing what was a Wednesday market had become a lonely and unrewarding business, as long- standing traders John Ingledew and Tariq Hussain can testify.
John, who has sold plants on the market for the past 20 years, said: “Trade had really got difficult and we were down to about five regular stalls.”
Tariq Hussain, who sells men’s workwear and has been on the market from Day One, said: “It was a reasonably good market at first. There was a busy Argos and a few shops down there, which brought people to the market.”
But after a new shopping precinct opened and Argos closed, the situation became dire, Tariq said.
Redcar and Cleveland County Council realised the market was barely viable where it was, and the council carried out a major consultation exercise to gauge the
views of traders, shop owners and members of the public.
A couple of years down the line, the decision was made to relocate the market to the opposite end of the High Street by the landmark Edward VII clock, and to move it to a Friday.
And the results have been dramatic. There were 22 traders on its Good Friday launch, and that
number is gradually creeping up to 27 or more.
“My business has increased by 300 per cent,” said John Ingledew. “There is a really good buzz on market days and that can only get better as the summer goes on and the town fills up with holidaymakers and day trippers,” he said.
Tariq is equally positive. “It feels
as though we are going back to the good old market days,” he said.
And the traders say it’s not just the relocation that has made the difference. The newly located market is being managed and operated by Billy, a trader who stands Stockton-on-Tees Market and is Secretary of the National Market Traders Federation branch there.
   Billy Adams (left), a market trader who also stands Stockton-on- Tees market, has taken over the running of Redcar Market, where his wife runs the mobile catering business. He is pictured with Tariq Hussain, who sells men’s workwear, and now has a prime spot by the Edward Vll clock
John Ingledew, who has run the plant stall on Redcar market for more than 20 years, said trade has increased by 300 per cent since the market relocated. He is pictured with his wife Marianne

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