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       Mother and daughter Jenny Gill and Lisa Melland have build up a loyal customer base for their water buffalo products
  “It has become a cottage industry and I also have a shop in Derbyshire,” Monica said.
Debbie Hodgkinson, who has a stall outside selling savoury eggs made by the family business, Staffordshire Savoury Eggs, said the family try to use as much local produce as possible to make their products.
“We have a fantastic customer base here,” Debbie said. “All the people who shop here are foodies and they are looking for good quality, local products.”
Debbie also stands the regular Monday market in Bakewell, as does Sue Hunt, who sells her home made soaps under her business name — Suds and Buds.
“I have been on this market from Day One,” she said. “This is one of the best farmers’ markets around. We get locals, people from quite far afield on a day out, and plenty of tourists in the summer.”
Sue says it helps that the market is on the last Saturday in the month. “I think that sticks in people’s minds and they don’t forget which Saturday the market is on,” she explained.
The monthly market complements the regular market, she says. It has certainly put Bakewell on the foodies map, showcasing the best of local produce, and making the last Saturday of every month a bumper day for local businesses.
 l Market Days: Bakewell farmers’ market takes place on the last Saturday of the month. The regular market day is Monday
l Market Rent: Traders pay £29.90 for a nine ft stall and £38.10 for a 12 ft stall. Parking is £3.60.
l Bakewell’s Claim to Fame: Bakewell is a small market town and tourist destination in the Derbyshire Peak District. It is well known for the local confectionery Bakewell pudding, often mistaken for Bakewell tarts (the latter is a small cake, the former a dessert). The town is the hub of a thriving agricultural and tourist- based economy.
Debbie Hodgkinson (left), who helps run the family business Staffordshire Savoury Eggs, also stands Bakewell’s weekly Monday market. She is pictured with her assistant, her son, Jason, 11, who is an excellent young salesman

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