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They range from buffalo raised on a local farm, to a stall selling every type of mushroom. Some traders are local farmers delighted to have a retail outlet for their meat just down the road, whilst others are specialist food producers who sell mainly at local markets. There are some local craft stalls, as well as plant and home made sweet stalls.
Mother and daughter team Jenny Gill and Lisa Melland have been regulars on Bakewell farmers’ market for the past 11 years, selling buffalo meat and products from their farm at Eastmoor, between Baslow and Chesterfield.
Jenny explained that the family
began rearing water buffalo because the supermarkets were paying so little for the milk their Holsteins produced.
“We decided to switch to water buffalo because we wanted a niche product,” Jenny said.
Buffalo meat has plenty of health advantages, says Lisa. It has half the fat and cholesterol of other meats, and twice the calcium and protein.
The family now supply high-end supermarkets and they stand eight markets, of which Bakewell is the best, they say.
Gill Armstrong is from another local farming family who rear pigs and sheep at New Close Farm,
Overhadden, near Bakewell. “Our two sons have taken over now and I help out selling here,”
said Gill. “The animals go away to be slaughtered, but everything else is done on the farm, including smoking, curing and making sausages, bacon, pate and potted meat.”
They use every part of every pig, except the tails.
For some of the producers, the farmers’ market has proved a lifeline. Roger and Janet Monk, who have run Derbyshire Mushrooms at Atlow, near Ashbourne, for the past 42 years, felt the pinch when supermarkets began importing mushrooms.
“We started selling here 10 years ago and I now sell at eight markets, although this is the best one,” Roger said.
The couple began to grow a much wider range of mushrooms because they realised that was what their customers wanted.
And their stall is now an eye- catching and popular attraction at the market.
Former teacher Monica Williams was ‘headhunted’ to stand the farmers’ market, and finds it an excellent market for her fudge.
She started The Real Fudge Company as a small business, making real fudge to her own recipe.
          Roger and Janet Monk, who run Derbyshire Mushrooms, say the farmers’ market has been a lifeline for their business which has suffered from the
big supermarkets’ switch to importing mushrooms
Sue Hunt is pictured on her hand made soap stall entitled Suds and Buds. She also stands Bakewell general market
Gill Armstrong helps out on the family meat stall
selling pork and
lamb products
from their farm near Bakewell
   Monica Williams, who runs The Read Fudge Company, was asked to trade on Bakewell farmers’ market 12 years ago and has been standing the market ever since

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