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 Market Times • June 2014
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                                      TRADERS — it’s what you have been waiting for — and it’s almost here.
Final details of the National Market Traders Federation’s new competitive insurance package — Fed Insure — are about to be revealed.
Fed Insure is being introduced because of the decision at the beginning of the year by Marketline Insurance Services to withdraw its long-standing voucher scheme that gave cashback on NMTF membership.
Our new Fed Insure will provide solutions across:
• Van insurance
• Car Insurance
• Household Buildings and Contents cover
• Stock insurance
And with van, car and household buildings and contents cover the cashback voucher scheme will be restored.
Not only that — traders in Northern Ireland will be able to take advantage of this offer, a facility not offered by Marketline.
Of course this one-stop insurance shop is in addition to the comprehensive liability package included as part of NMTF membership.
So watch out for further details of Fed Insure, either through an email shot or on our website at We are also aiming to outline the whole package in the August edition of Market Times.
Watch this space!
By JOE HARRISON Chief Executive
National Market Traders Federation
When Marketline Insurance Services decided to move the goalpost by withdrawing the discount voucher scheme that reduced the NMTF membership subscription, we knew we had to act — by introducing our own Fed Insure.
The fact is that the sole purpose from the federation’s point of view of setting up Marketline in the first place — some 18 years ago — was to offer that discount to members.
Now, without that incentive, NMTF members have had little to gain from taking out Marketline insurance.
And that is why Fed Insure is being introduced to bring back the voucher scheme that helps them with their membership subscription.
We regret it has taken some time to set up this exciting new insurance package, but we hope members will appreciate that we had to get things right.
With Fed Insure we are confident we will be offering our members a better insurance deal — and with those cashback vouchers in place again.

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