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   Wednesday Market is the original market location, and a handful of stalls uphold the tradition and trade every Wednesday.
As well as tradition and history, Beverley market benefits from a supportive council operator willing to invest in the town’s key asset. Then there is the market offering — and what an offering.
Where else could you buy socks on one stall, and hats that would not look out of place on Ladies Day at Ascot from another? Beverley boasts the only market stall selling bathroom taps (unless you know different). There is a stall selling tiaras, and another selling fur coats including, on occasion, mink. There are traditional lines including bags, scarves and
gifts. And there is the food — home baked products, blended coffee and tea, traditional pies and Sardinian specialities.
You name it, Beverley market sells it. There is a big fruit and veg stall with exotic fruit and veg from all over the globe, and a couple of fish businesses selling fish caught off the Yorkshire coast.
The traders know their products and take pride in the quality, their knowledge of what they sell and the personal service they provide.
Lee Pattison, who runs the fruit and veg business started by his father, Malcolm, 59 years ago, started market trading as a four- year-old pitching strawberries standing on an orange box at Driffield Show.
His sister, Suzanne, sells flowers on the adjacent stall, and their dad, Chairman of the NMTF Beverley branch, still helps out on occasions.
“I have done other things — I used to have a large bed shop in Hull, but market trading and the fruit trade is like a black hole that sucks you back,” Lee said.
Neil Lamont, who sells cakes and other home made products made at the family’s Lincolnshire bakery, loves selling home cooked produce to locals who appreciate them.
“The business was set up by my cousins, Robert and Stephanie Wilcox,” he said.
They started off selling poultry but when the supermarkets took over they moved on to
     Richard Lascelles runs Beverley market for East Riding of Yorkshire Council
Stephanie Dennison has been selling books on Beverley market for the past 15 years

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