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   Chris Ilsley, 41 (left), runs an impressive plant and flower stall on Epsom market with the help of his brother Jack, 27. He says the regeneration has dramatically improved the market
Casey Dyer, acting market manager, was thrown in at the deep end when he took over in October 2018 but has enjoyed the challenge
Gordon Robbins started selling fruit and veg on the market at 16 and is still at it 30 years later. His father, Vic, did the same nearly 60 years ago
    Ian Dyer, head of operations for Epsom Ewell Borough Council, has spearheaded the £2.5 million refurbishment programme. He started working on fruit and veg stall at 16 and worked his way up to his current role in the council, starting in refuse collection
Epsom 40 years ago and he worked his way up to his current role after starting off in refuse collection.
“We have worked closely with the traders who have been very patient throughout the work which took place from February last year for 12 months,” Ian said.
He explained that the programme included new paving, the planting of trees which are quite large so needed massive holes dug, and the installation of 18 bollards, each of which can supply electricity to power two food wagons.
The final phase of the revamp will be the creation of an events space at the top of the market.
The council has also got rid of its old metal stalls and replaced them with gazebos.
“It has been really important to look after our traders throughout all this disruption, because we have some really top-quality anchor traders and if we lost them we would be on the back foot,” he said.
Ian’s son, Casey, has been acting market manager since October 2018. It was a big learning curve but he has enjoyed the challenge of helping the traders through all the upheaval.
And what do the traders themselves think about the changes? They have been stalwart and mostly uncomplaining despite the disruption, Ian says, and now they are looking forward to standing an expanded, more attractive market.
Chris Isley, 41, who runs the standout plant and flower stall with the help of his brother Jack, 27, said: “I have been selling flowers on this market for seven years.
Last year was difficult but we got through it and the renovations have really improved the look of the market.”
Pitching butcher Perry Thomas has no complaints whatsoever. “I drive one-and- a-half hours from Birmingham to stand this market and it’s a really good market for me. I have plenty of customers,” he added.
Rod and Caroline Shoard also have a loyal customer base for their business called The Egg Man of Epsom.
Caroline said: “Rod started it off seven years ago and he got so busy I agreed to help out.”
The couple sell eggs from local farms and have branched into jams and preserves, all home-made in Surrey.
Louise Roles has had a ladies fashion stall on the market for 25 years and has

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