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Jason Dervin, estate manager for CBRE, which runs the redeveloped estate, takes up the story.
“People sometimes say that the Bishops Square office development is not as eye- catching as you might expect, but it entirely met the brief which was to blend the old and the new seamlessly and to be invisible to the local area,” he said.
Started in December 2001, it was finally fitted out in July 2005.
The public redeveloped area with its impressive glazed roof was soon a popular attraction with trendy restaurants and shops relocating there.
Then CBRE decided to launch its own market within the new covered area of the estate. Spitalfields Traders Market was launched in 2005.
Jason said the vision was to create a
mixed market, but with the emphasis on arts and crafts. Jason’s dad, Ray, who has worked at Spitalfields for more years than he cares to remember, was ideally placed to launch and develop the new market, which he continues to do with aplomb.
The market began with 60 units comprising hired stalls. Lord Forster’s building design featured granite grey, and the plan was to introduce some colour and life into the open areas, so orange canopies were chosen.
Once the team was certain the market was a success, they commissioned stylish stainless steel curved stalls which were approved by Lord Foster and have stood the test of time.
The market has fared well over the years. There are 230 registered traders with a hard core of 30 to 40 traders who have stood the
FEATURE • SPITALFIELDS market for 10 years or more. Ray receives
around 50 email enquiries a week from would-be traders.
They travel from as far afield as Birmingham, Brighton and the West Country and the availability of good traders mean each market day is different with new stalls and new recruits to the market family.
Fine produce was introduced a few years ago but then removed because that line was being so well covered elsewhere.
Ray puts the market’s success down to the quality of the traders and their quirky, unusual, arty businesses. And they are without doubt a diverse and talented set of people.
Unusual businesses include Poli and Joe which specialises in bags made from the roof material of the iconic Land Rover Defender, and Kervin Marc, a former
Foxy, as he is universally known at Spitalfields, has a popular, trendy business called X-Ray Fox selling unique silk screen, hand printed t-shirts with various quirky, witty themes
   Georgina Millington-Brown, operations manager, is pictured with Ray Dervin (left), the long- serving manager of Spitalfields Traders Market and trader Paul Standley who runs an ethnic products stall
  Pamela Kikumu is still working on Spitalfields traders market at the grand old age of 88. A former burlesque dancer who worked all over Europe and beyond, she now sells the colourful hats and fascinators she makes herself alongside costume jewellery

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