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34 MARKET TIMES • FEBRUARY 2020 Bulwell traders support
Emily’s Olympics bid
   TRADERS at Bulwell Market in Nottinghamshire have dug deep to help Emily Campbell, whose family are regular market shoppers, achieve her dream of competing at the Olympic Games this summer.
Emily is ranked ninth in the world in her weightlifting class and won Bronze at the Commonwealth Games.
She is on track to qualify for the Olympics in Tokyo in July but still needs to do well in competitions to secure her Olympics place, as well as to compete in the European Championships on Moscow in April.
Emily and her family have strong links with Bulwell Market. They live locally and the family has shopped on the market for years. Both Emily and her sister, Kelsie, were kitted out for school every year by Kev Burkett who has
traded on the market for three decades.
Emily’s sister swims for Jamaica because of the challenge of raising the funds needed to compete for the UK, and Emily has struggled to find the money to realise her Olympic dream – so market traders have stepped in to help.
Between them they have stumped up £2,000 towards Emily’s costs. She received the cheque on the market after giving a weightlifting demonstration with members of Atlas Gym where she trains.
Emily said: “I can’t thank the stallholders enough for their wonderful contribution to my competition costs. It really does mean so much to me.”
Anyone wishing to support Emily’s Olympics bid can make donations via her Gofundme page, set up by her sister, Kelsie, at:
Emily pictured with traders Pete Marriott (left) and Kevin Burkett

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